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Demand that the Nordic Model be implemented for the protection of prostituted and trafficked human beings.

Amnesty international is pushing for the Nordic Model of human rights for prostituted persons to be dismissed. Amnesty International's policy protects the rights of pimps and johns over the rights of prostituted persons. Amnesty is being lobbied by sex trade groups and ignoring the rights of (mainly women) and in effect claiming men's rights to sell and buy human beings usurps the rights of those being traded . Women's rights are human rights!. If we garner enough pressure, victims of trafficking will have better access to exit the system without penalisation and the onus will be on traffickers and purchasers to face penalization!

Please also sign our sister petition below to help us reach a necessarily high and URGENT target of signatures. You will also be able to listen to the stories of survivors being ignored by AI and gain a wider knowledge base of the this important human rights issue. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!,

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