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Age regression (therapy term) is an increased access to childhood memories, thoughts and feelings as a part of a psychotherapeutic process.The notion of age regression is central to attachment therapy. Attachment therapy is a controversial category of alternative child mental health interventions intended to treat attachment disorders. Attachment disorder is a broad term used to describe disorders of mood, behavior, and social relationships arising from a failure process normal attachments to primary care giving figures in early childhood. Such a failure would result from unusual early experiences of neglect, abuse, abrupt separation from caregivers between 6 months and three years of age, frequent change or excessive numbers of caregivers, or lack of caregiver responsiveness to child communicative efforts resulting in a lack of basic trust. The term has manifold therapeutic applications in counseling and holistic health settings primarily. One of the first comprehensive methods of reparenting the Inner Child in therapy was originated by Art Therapist, Dr. Lucia Capacchione, in 1976 and documented in her book, Recovery of Your Inner Child (1991). Using art therapy and journaling techniques, her method includes a Nurturing Parent and Protective Parent within (Inner Family Work) to care for ones physical, emotional, creative and spiritual needs (her definition of the Inner Child). It also acknowledges a Critical Parent Within and provides tools for managing it. Penny Park's book "Rescuing the inner child' published in 1990 was also one of the first programmes for contacting and recovering the inner child. John Bradshaw, a U.S. educator, pop psychology and self-help movement leader, famously used "inner child" to point to unresolved childhood experiences and the lingering dysfunctional effects of childhood dysfunction. In this way "inner child" refers to all of the sum of mental-emotional memories stored in the sub-conscious from conception thru pre-puberty. Proponents believe that a child who has missed out on developmental stages can be able to redo those stages at a later age by a variety of techniques. Age regression is when somebody reverts to a child-like state of mind, often as a coping mechanism for things like PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Basically age regressors are more at-peace and worry-free whilst in "little space" (the term for the headspace they go in) but please

DO NOT confuse this with


Age-Play and or

Or CG/L 

Although those "Kinks" are for some sort of distraction and escape from the everyday stresses and pain, it still Does Not make it Age Regression nor fit for any Minor. 

Now is this even a Good Coping mechanism? 

Here is my philosophy on it. 

Now this may seem a little confusing for others because for one, it's not changing the past nor helping the present. Well that's not entirely true, yes it is correct it might not help what has happened before but it can help you DEAL and COPE with those Feelings that were caused by that certain event.
You might also ask, isn't that ignoring the main problem? Yes and No. People regress for their own individual reasons, and if it's to
1. Distract themselves from their emotions
2. Deny that there's a problem
3. Use it as a form of Escapism from stress
And much more. Then Yes it can be considered unhealthy but if they regress to
1. Accept what has happened and is willing to remake memories with their inner child.
2. Acquire certain skills they failed to gain in adolescent years.
3. Cope and learn to Express their current emotions
4. Learn early education (childhood trauma often causes the brain to defensively forget 1 to 2 years of elementary information including at home events)
Then No they arent technically Ignoring the problem.

To further explain by comparison.
Age Regression VS. Avoidance/Maladaptive coping mechanisms
Avoidance coping, also known as avoidant coping, avoidance behaviors, and escape coping, is a maladaptive form of coping that involves changing our behavior to try to avoid thinking or feeling things that are uncomfortable. In other words, avoidance coping involves trying to avoid stressors rather than dealing with them. It may seem that avoiding stress is a great way to feel less stressed, but this isn't necessarily the case; often, we need to deal with things so we either experience less stress or feel less stressed by what we experience without avoiding the problem entirely.

I want us to be proud of our survival through this paining life. I want us to have Something that shows who we are and tells others what we are going through and how we are living with it. Cause we are Little Warriors and we deserve to be cherished as long as our little wounded hearts beat.
We will not stand for being Sexualized, Misunderstood, Ridiculed, Frowned upon, and or invalidated. We will stand with our heads high and our fists in the air.

 Every year a teen who found out they suffer from a disorders that affects their behavior are given a list of coping mechanisms, from drawing on yourself to cleaning the house. But they are unaware of the not purposeful problematic therapy they could do right at home.
What I want to spread is a positive sfw word on age regression, cause if it's reason to exist is innocent, i want to bring justice to this court of misunderstanding.

(Fellow Members Commentary)
Age Regression today is seen as disgusting and vial. People in the community on the daily hear phrases such as “grow up and get a real job” or “contribute to society”. Many of our caregivers who put us before themselves often get labeled as pedophiles or creeps for liking to see grown women “act so immaturely”. Im tired of the way we are perceived and treated and its time to make a change.

We will not give up till we are seen as purely as we come. 


For further argument, Amino claims they di not support Mature content or sexually alluring communities. Well tell me why the Neko community (that has many definitions) is allowed freely on Amino. I have tested what most members use Nekos for and the majority said "Sexual activities". 

Is Amino even aware of this? A member of ddlg told me they just dont want to risk endangering minors to kink. But here are little Nekos engaging in 4s*mes while amino is focusing on innocent communties to shut down.  

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