Unbelievable! Help change the policy at Rose Hill and Heavenly Rest Cemetery.

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For over 100 years people with loved ones have gone to these Cemetery's to bring flowers and have a connection with their loved one who has passed. Many bring artificial flowers to put into the vases that are on the tomb stones and put into the vase. Changed with each season. It is a small but meaningful gesture, that keeps the families and friends connected. Heavenly Rest, Rose Hill Cemetery in Amherstburg (with new management), has decided that only real flowers are allowed on the tomb stones, in the vase that is attached to the tomb stone and Does Not interfere with lawn maintenance. Therefore, they throw the artificial ones in the garbage. Many families can only visit their loved one a few times a year, others go on a regular basis. These artificial flowers last a lot longer and look beautiful. It is heartbreaking that these Cemeteries would take away from not only the families but those who have past. Please sign this petition and pass it along. Hopefully we can change the new policy, as this is just wrong.