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All blood banks nationwide to accept hemochromatosis blood donations.

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In 2015 the FDA gave blood banks the option to accept blood donations from donors with Hemochromatosis. Hemochromatosis is the most common and most undiagnosed genetic disorder in the world, 1 in 200 people are estimated to have Hemochromatosis. Hemochromatosis is a genetic disorder that causes the body to absorb excess amounts of iron which over the years ends up being fatal. The good news is that there is treatment for this, therapeutic phlebotomies.  People with hemochromatosis  are known as super blood donors, and are able to donate blood on a weekly basis instead of every 56 days. When phlebotomies are administered the body is then forced to purge the excess iron that is stored in the persons organs and tissues. By doing this it lowers the persons iron levels and saves their lives.  The Red Cross and most other blood banks still refuse to accept hemochromatosis blood donations, because we are considered "motivated donors."  Hemochromatosis blood is not contagious and is just as safe as everyone else's.  If the blood banks start accepting hemochromatosis blood donations, it would put an end to blood shortages and would allow people without insurance and money to receive the treatment they need so they don't die. It blows my mind that they take our blood and throw it in the trash!  We need to put an end to this. 

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