AMA, AAMC: Rescind Endorsements of Tom Price for Secretary of HHS

As a primary care physician in the United States, I treat people from all walks of life. I witness first hand every day the harm that lack of access to basic medical services causes.

Tom Price is an Orthopedic Surgeon who, as a member of congress has strongly opposed access to contraception, LGBTQ rights, abortion services, and Obamacare. He is an advocate of replacing Medicare, one of the most popular health insurance programs in the country, with a voucher system. 

Both the AMA and the AAMC have endorsed Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services.

As members of the medical community, I believe we have the obligation to support and protect our patients. We must therefore strongly and swiftly reject this endorsement for what it is: an endorsment of both intolerance and bigotry and an endorsement of policies we know will negatively affect the lives of so many people for years to come. 

To all healthcare professionals and patients: Please join me in calling for both the AMA and AAMC to rescind their endorsements of Tom Price for Secretary of HHS. 

1. AAMC endorsement

2. AMA endorsement

General Information on Dr. Tom Price, Including his voting record:

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