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Tell AKC to stop allowing puppy mills and backyard breeders to use their website!

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People use the AKC website to find reputable breeders who are compliant with animal safety laws, city laws, and are raising healthy puppies, free from dangerous or unsanitary environments that results in buyers winding up with sick puppies and hefty vet bills.  Another reason people trust the AKC is because their website claims that they "insure" buyers that their breeders are compliant with humane laws and do not over work, or overbreed their dogs.  WRONG.  There is absolutely nothing supporting that these breeders are compliant with city or humane laws.  All it takes to join the AKC is listing three references that could easily be friends or family.  THAT'S IT.  Meanwhile, these poor dogs are being bred multiple times a year (which is against the law), kept in unsanitary conditions, are not well cared for, and once the mother dog has become too old to breed she is either abandoned, shot, or given away to people who use them as  bait dogs for dog fighting.  These are the very things people think they can trust the AKC not to support!   Please ask the AKC to make it mandatory for breeders to register with the Breeder Compliance Program offered by New Life Individual & Family Services.  This will mandate how often these dogs are bred, the breeders with receive discount prices on all of their vet bills and receive free grade-A food to ensure their puppies are 100% healthy before adoption.  A compliance officer will actually come to their homes to check the status of their dogs' living area.  It will keep track of how many times a year their dogs produces a litter so they are not overworked.  And finally, New Life will obtain custody of any unwanted retired breeder dogs and find them loving homes, protecting them from animal testing labs, dog fighters, abandonment, and subhumans who mean to do them harm.  Once a breeder has complied with all animal safety and city laws, all paperwork and registration with the city and the AKC will be completed for them by New Life, as well as all verification of vet health, proof of lineage, and birth certificates for the buyers.  Reputable breeders, adopters, and the AKC will have nothing to lose, but everything to gain, while dishonest and inhumane backyard breeders will no longer be able to misuse the AKC's good name to trick buyers into supporting their illegal puppy mills.  

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