Let’s Defeat The Trial Lawyers’ War Against Science!

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Whereas, I am outraged by greedy trial lawyers who have turned litigation claims about science and health into big business, concerned only with enriching themselves and caring nothing about truth or justice; and

Whereas, I am outraged trial lawyers are exploiting those who mistakenly equate “chemical” with “poison,” using fear mongering to initiate frivolous litigation; and who are also using the threat of costly legal action as an intimidation tool to shut down genuine scientific debate; and

Whereas, the trial lawyers waging this assault threaten to corrupt real science and inflict bad public policy our nation, thereby placing the health and well-being of millions of Americans at risk;

Therefore, I, the undersigned concerned citizen, do hereby support the campaign of the American Council on Science and Health to educate the public about the many benefits we enjoy from chemical additives so they won’t fall prey to the litigation industry’s baseless scare tactics and expose the threat that frivolous lawsuits pose to the scientific method.