Put Chasity Carey behind bars for shooting and killing innocent client.

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 I hope loving American citizens will sign this petition and get the word out there for prosecuters to reopen and handle this case . I hope you all find somewhere in your loving heart to help this man and his loved ones find closure.. Thank you all soo much.

Please Click on the video below to see her disgusting act. 



FOX25 :  VIDEO: Prosecutor releases video of deadly shooting at Stillwater bail bonds office

STILLWATER, Okla. (KTUL) -- The Payne County District Attorney's Office has released surveillance video showing a Stillwater bonds woman shoot and kill a client last year.

Chasity Carey was acquitted last week of first-degree murder. Carey shot Brandon Williams in her office last August while trying to revoke his bond and take him into custody. Williams was charged of burglary and drug possession.

Video shows Carey at her desk with Williams seated across from her next to Carey's son. She shuts the door and asks Williams to put his hands behind his back before ordering him to sit down. Carey reaches for William but he dodges and leaves the view of the camera.

Video then shows Carey reaching into her desk, pulling a gun and immediately firing. Carey calls 911 to report the shooting as her son says, "Mom, you just shot him." She replies, "I did."

Prosecutors said Carey shot Williams in the back but her attorney successfully argued that she was afraid of Williams.

District Attorney Laura Thomas released an accompanying statement Tuesday, defending her decision to file charges for murder instead of manslaughter, saying it was appropriate based on the evidence she was given.

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