Amend the Taxi Fare Rate Increase in Baguio & Oppose the proposed Jeepney Fare Increase!

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The LTFRB recently implemented a taxi fare hike in the City of Baguio.  The fare increase was unreasonable and excessive and is not commensurate to the earning capacities of ordinary workers in Baguio whose minimum wage averages only from P285.00 to P300.00.  Riding a public utility vehicle is a must for wage earners, while riding a taxi may not be the generally used means of transportation, many circumstances require even for minimum wage earners to ride a cab.

Jeepney operators in Baguio are likewise proposing for an increased Jeepney fare from the regular fare of P8.50 to P14.00 covering 4 kilometers (in excess of 4 kilometers, commuters will have to pay an additional) - this increase is ridiculous. 

These increases and proposed increase nearly doubled from that of the original fares, and makes it impossible to afford specially by ordinary citizens with low or average income.  A minimum wage earner loses 40-50% of his day's wage or an average of 100.00-120.00 by paying taxi fare alone;  or 50% of his day's wage if he sends two or three kids to school who have to ride a jeepney if the jeepney fare rate increase is approved. 

While we understand this need for a hike, taxi and jeepney operators should understand the plight of commuters too.  Operators should be more humane in considering the plight of commuters.  Rate increases should be commensurate to the average wage or income being earned of the majority of workers in Baguio. 

The new taxi fare has nearly doubled that of the recently amended fares.  The increase should not be drastic.  The proposed jeepney fare increase is almost 100% of the recent fares, this should not be the case too. 

Increases in public utility services such as transportation should not be excessive, confiscatory, unconscionable and oppressive to average-earning citizens and commuters in the city.  We believe that the recent fare increase in taxis and proposed increase in jeepney fare are unreasonable and unjust. 

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