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Petitioning Mayor, City of Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion and 11 others

Amend the Mississauga city By-Law 98-04 to allow keeping of backyard chickens

It is important that residents of Mississauga be allowed to keep a limited number of hens (no roosters) in their backyards.  Keeping hens would enable residents to provide a nutritious, delicious, safe, and environmentally friendly eggs for their families, while at the same time teaching our children where food comes from, and what it is worth. 

To quote a similar petition in Ottawa:

Dr. David Waltner-Toews, veterinarian, epidemiologist, and professor at the University of Guelph, has written that he knows of “no evidence linking human illness with keeping small urban flocks.”  Further, he believes that “if we do not make room for these urban entrepreneurs, we risk losing a set of very important food-rearing skills that will enable us to better navigate the economic, climatic and environmental instability our society will face in the coming decades.”

Backyard hens have always been allowed in many major US cities, including New York and Los Angeles. Canadian cities such as Vancouver and Brampton are now catching up.  Please let the residents of Mississauga join millions of other city dwellers in North America who are allowed to provide eggs for our families by keeping a few hens in the backyard.

Letter to
Mayor, City of Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion
Councilor, Ward 10, Mississauga Sue McFadden
Councilor, Ward 9, Mississauga Pat Saito
and 9 others
Councilor, Ward 8, Mississauga Katie Mahoney
Councilor, Ward 7, Mississauga Nando Ianniccia
Councilor, Ward 6, Mississauga Ron Starr
Councilor, Ward 5, Mississauga Bonnie Crombie
Councilor, Ward 4, Mississauga Frank Dale
Councilor, Ward 3, Mississauga Chris Fonseca
Councilor, Ward 2, Mississauga Patricia Mullin
Councillor, Ward 1, Mississauga Jim Tovey
Councilor, Ward 11, Mississauga George Carlson
We are asking for an amendment to Mississauga By-law 98-04 to allow us to keep backyard chickens. Keeping chickens is an environmentally friendly way to reduce kitchen waste and provide healthy free range eggs from animals whose lifestyle and diet we know and control. Many cities all over Ontario and Canada are now passing By-Laws allowing chickens and are finding no problems when individuals choose this route. The environmentally friendly, health conscious residents of Mississauga should have this option too.

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