Stop Dog Kennel Petition from Amish MD Farmer

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A local Cecil County, MD Amish farmer, David Stoltzfus, has petitioned for Special Exception to operate a commercial Dog Kennel on his farm currently zoned agricultural property only.  For the last decade Pennsylvania has increased their oversight of licensed dog kennels and breeders to reduce the abundance of "puppy mills" in the area.  Many of these breeders have tried to relocate their business to neighboring areas.  Mr. Stoltzfus owns property in PA where he is a licensed dog breeder.

There is no shortage of dogs or cats in Cecil County in need of a home.  As a matter of fact there has been an increase in the stray and abandoned animals in the last several years.  There were over 500 animals taken to the Cecil County Animal Shelter just in the last quarter of 2017. There is no need or room for a business to intentionally breed animals. 

Studies have shown that dogs have a high intellect and form strong familial bonds.  We have emotional support dogs and dogs trained to protect and save the lives of humans.  They are willing to put them selves in harms way for us. The Amish communities' view on animal health and safety has been a point of contention within the local PA and MD farm communities for some time.  Allowing an Amish Dog Kennel and Breeding business could cause civil and political issues within our community.   Allowing an increase in the animal population would exacerbate an already present animal over population issue. 

Please sign this petition to let our local officials know there is no place for a dog breeder business in our community. 

This link gives details on the initial petition for exception;