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A petition to SUPPORT Scott Gimple and his choices and over ride the petition to fire him!

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Scott M. Gimple has always gave the fans what we wanted, he is not the only man on the wonderful team of writers either why are they only attacking him? Gimple has also stated as well as the man himself Robert Kirkman that it's the apocalypse they cannot guarantee anyone's safety included MAIN CHARACTERS! Scott Gimple works hard for his money and has worked hard to get where he is he makes the big bucks to appease us plain and simple he has stated that there is a plan for him killing Carl Grimes off of The Walking Dead, he has said that it will play out on the next couple episodes! I understand Carl is a main character and we have watched him grow up I am just as sad to watch him leave but they have a plan for this and we have to just survive somehow! Chandler Riggs was shocked I'm sure but the actors and actresses in that show know that in any given moment the writers can write them off for sake of a plot! Chandler has said that he's sad to leave but this gives him a chance to be a kid and go to college and just be normal! Scott and his amazing team of writers know what they are doing that is why they get paid for it and YOU DON'T! So how about you just let this play out and stopping grabbing the torches and pitchforks! I'm starting this petition to petition the petition that Tyler Sigmon has started to fire Scott Gimple on no other grounds than they are heartbroken and the story isn't going as they want it to I'm sorry to break it to you but it isn't up to you what happens Tyler suck it up its the Apocalypse!!!! Until you start getting paid to write for TWD I suggest you back up because us true fans are sitting here waiting patiently until it comes back on to more than likely have our hearts broken because we understand that in this show ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!! So to all you fans out there let's show Scott M. Gimple that we are here and we stand behind him no matter what on his choices! And show him how much we appreciate him and all he does to make our Fandom come alive let's step up and fight back against the people that believe he needs to be fired let's show him we are right here and we think these people are ridiculous and we love what he does for us! Don't get me wrong their petition wont get anywhere but hey just in case lets fight back for him! Thank you Scott we will always be here to fight for you and our Fandom! 

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