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To Get AMC to Make a GTA Series

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Look it's obvious why this needs to happen, if anyone saw the IGN April Fools Day gag. They wouldn't gag they'd light up in joy. Honestly though, we get the writers of the GTA Series and we combine them with the brains behind Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. We get the very first (Successful) TV Show that is based on a Video Game. Now obviously this show would have to be a prequel series (Like a GTA Online show (or what Better Call Saul is to Breaking Bad)) where the protagonist is some no name who's trying to make a come up in Los Santos. I'm thinking it's like a rags to riches kind of thing. The protagonist goes from being some no name gangbanger to becoming a guy who plans heists and is the CEO of his own company using the connections he makes underground and pushing down friends and family as he makes it to the top. While he's making it to the top he runs into familiar faces such as Michael (Ned Luke) or Franklin (Shawn Fonteno) But definitely the wildly popular Trevor (Steven Ogg). Or maybe it's a show where it's the sequel to GTA 5 but a Prequel to GTA 6. It follows the Three Main Protagonists; Trevor, Michael, and Franklin. Franklin is becoming a real player in the Los Santos underworld at this point however he has a dilemma about leaving "the Families" behind, Michael De Santa is trying to reclaim his family  and trying to not let his past reflect on his career, and Trevor is trying to expand his empire aka Trevor Phillips Incorporated (or as IGN's trailer suggests he's trying to get back in the game) I'm sure sometimes their stories will interconnect, but most of the time they'll be doing they're own thing with they're own supporting cast. Franklin has Lamar, Chop, and the Families (gang), Michael has his (actual) family and Trevor has Ron and Wade. But that's me just freeballing I'm hoping I could get AMC Studios and Rockstar to make this awesome collaboration.


Special shout out to IGN for coming up with the greatest idea since Breaking Bad.

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