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Fire Scott Gimple from The Walking Dead

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The loyal fans of The Walking Dead are fed up with the direction Scott Gimple has taken the beloved show. The show used to have creativity and each episode was like a puzzle piece to a amazing story. The show is based on the comics created by Robert Kirkman, which the show followed closely with some changes to keep fans interested. The past year has changed the true fans of the show opinions. Each episode is harder and harder to believe and straying further and further from the source material. Instead of using major character deaths as part of the story, Scott Gimple is using it to try to gain viewers back. In reality, it’s turning viewers away from The Walking Dead. To make things worse is the fact that each episode is not fitting in like a puzzle piece to the big picture of the story, as each episode progresses it is more off the wall and unbelievable as well as leaving major plot holes to the story. This is not the way TWD story should be told on screen, it deserves much more than that. If a change isn’t made TWD will continue losing its viewers and not be able to end with the story that’s needed after all these years. With this, Scott Gimple has got to go. The show has gotten stale with him as each season progresses it gradually gets worse and worse. TWD needs a fresh set of ideas to get back on track and make sure the last few seasons of the show are great ones and not shitty ones. Fans of the show have debated how the show could end and the last thing it needs is something predictable fans have guessed at since the show began. So we ask of you to sign this petition to get AMC attention of this situation, fire Scott Gimple and find someone who shows passion to the show instead of someone just writing to get a paycheck and trying to gain viewers by adding random deaths and events that don’t help the overall story at all. We have the power to change this, let’s show them how much we want a change!

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