Birmingham City Council must stop fining all Ambulances using bus lanes and rescind Fines

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Birmingham City Residents demand that the Council must stop fining Ambulances using Bus Lanes and rescind all fines imposed regardless if blue lights are on or not.

It is incredulous that our city's emergency service, rushing to save lives, should be subject to bus lane fines, have to waste precious time and resources fighting and responding to up to 15 fines a day, when they should have an automatic right to use whatever route is immediately available for the good of they are helping.

Local press report that "the council is not budging and says the policy to fine ambulances will continue as normal"

We demand that they immediately reconsider this policy and rescind all outstanding fines.

Please sign and share this petition link to Birmingham residents only- as only Birmingham residents will be included in the count of signatories. A target of 10,000 will force a scrutiny debate on the issue.