Strip Naz Shah MP of her British citizenship

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All those who have signed this petition would like to our Home Secretary, Amber Rudd strip Labour MP, Naz Shah of her British citizenship for a list of disgraceful remarks made by the MP;

  • Labour’s Naz Shah marked the death of Winnie Mandela with an ‘inspirational’ quote from the South African activist endorsing the brutal ‘necklacing’ murders of the ’80s and ’90s.
  • Shah shared messages on Facebook comparing Israel to Apartheid-era South Africa and Hitler’s Germany, and suggested Israeli Jews should be “transported” to the United States en masse.
  • Naz Shah even tweeted a disgusting message to the victims of vile grooming gangs: “Those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of diversity.”

Naz Shah was even suspended from the Labour Party once for Antisemitism. 

In a Facebook post in 2014, not long before she became an MP, Ms Shah shared a graphic showing an image of Israel's outline superimposed on a map of the US under the headline "Solution for Israel-Palestine conflict - relocate Israel into United States", with the comment "problem solved".

She went on the the record to say: "I wasn't anti-Semitic, what I put out was anti-Semitic," Ms Shah told a BBC radio-station. 

In the times of the Twitter purge and Facebook deactivation's on Conservative voices, why are crazy lefties that say such despicable things not being punished?

She does not represent the hard-working ordinary Brits that love their country, she represents a class of people that want to see the complete erosion of our culture, society and laws.   

Join, Patriotic People's Populist Media and sign this petition it's the right thing to do!