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Stop the imminent deportation of Ntambwe Nkombe and release him from detention

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Please stop the forced deportation of Ntambwe Nkombe to the Congo, scheduled for Friday November 10th, and release him from detention.

Ntambwe is from the the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He has been seeking asylum since 2001.  DRC is a country with a secret service who put political opposition leaders into prison and who kill them or disappear them.

Ntambwe was active as a student opposing the regime then and he is active in the resistance movement APARECO. A new wave of killings was evidenced in 2016. Home Secretary you have had letters from the Bishop of Durham (unanswered) and from the Bill Clinton Peace Foundation  advising it is not safe for you to deport politically active asylum seekers to the DRC.

We petition you to halt the the deportation of  Ntambwe bearing in mind neither he nor his family will be safe if he returns to the DRC.

Please treat Ntambwe with compassion. He is an intelligent and gentle man who contributes to his community in Leeds through his involvement in various volunteering roles and through the church. He is popular and has made many friends while he has been waiting, as you can see in the many personal comments accompanying this petition.

He has spent more than 16 years in this country awaiting a decision on whether or not he can stay here in safety and, perhaps as a result of living in such a chronic state of uncertainty for so long, his mental health has recently suffered and he now requires medication and supportive counselling. Without these he can become depressed and confused.

We are very fond of Ntambwe and admire and support his and his family's opposition of the current regime in DRC. We value him as a productive member of our community. To send him back to DRC would be to issue him a death sentence.

Please help this vulnerable and courageous man and let him remain in the UK.

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