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Stop creating Hostile Enviornment for Immigrants - - EU or Non -EU

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We have been reading, hearing a lot about "Hostile enviornment" for "illegal immigrants" but the truth is under the current government it is Hostile enviornment for Legal immigrants! Those immigrants who were mainly on a highly skilled programme in the UK, working in respectable industries and positions are going thru almost inhumane conditions and there is no way they are able to get it to the main light media because there is always a hush hush about immigration; immigrants which generally carries the bad image!

The government instead of formalising the immigration policies ;they are making conditions for legal immigrants worst which potentially makes them leave and the government wins because the immigration number reduces.

One of the things which is happening at this end which a lot of you are unaware about is - that the applications for a lot of non - eu migrants for indefinite leave are held for over 10 months ! Some even reaching to 15 - 17 months. Which basically means they have no travel document to travel back in any given circumstance! No official form of ID if they dont have a licence. 

Some of these people have lost their loved ones back home ; ageing parents ; family problems ; mid - life crises; jobs ; careers everything is at stake for these people. Immigrants have the same problems a we all do ! We are no different.

We also saw the introduction of new restrictions on access to privately rented accommodation, driving licences, bank accounts and the introduction of an NHS surcharge and deport first appeal later rules , which are very discriminatory.

The most damaging section of the Immigration Act 2014 removed the right of appeal from most migrants. It restricted the right of appeal to those appealing human rights decisions and decisions related to grants of asylum and removal of refugee status. Others were doomed to use an internal review system known as ‘Administrative Review’ whereby the Home Office had to review their own decisions rather than scrutiny by an independent adjudicator. 

Under the new Bill the Secretary of State will have the power to certify ‘human rights’ claims.This will effectively require appellants to leave the UK before they can exercise a right of appeal on human rights grounds. Only where an individual can meet a very high threshold of ‘serious and irreversible harm’ would they be able to remain in the UK during the appeal process. This will see family members of British Citizens, children, seriously ill persons and those who may not have left the UK for many years, and who may have lost all ties with their country of origin, having to uproot their lives in order to challenge a Home Office decision, which statistically has a 50/50 chance of being successful.

Some of these migrants are being referred to a threat to the country just because they might have filled their tax late or had to maybe even amend their taxes which is acceptable by HMRC. And most of these migrants have been in the country for almost a decade; can you really call them a threat/cheat because of the above ? 

We want the UKVI to start processing the applications within the service standard times at the least - which is 6 months ! 

Secretary of State to re- consider late paid taxes or amendments, does not make some one a threat (that too just because they are an immigrant) and it does not mean all of these migrants businesses are ingenuine. Most of them are specialised in there own fields and roles they perform, they might not have technical details or answers about taxation , business plans etc .

Non - EU migrants had always been in the lime light and now in the course of this Brexit our EU migrants could see a similar situation.

Stop the Secretary of State to make hostile enviornment for us immigrants.  

This affects my family ; your family; our neighbours; your colleagues, our nurses , doctors and every 3rd person who touch mine and your soul!

Lets make our community that our children would remember!

Lets bring unity in our diversity 

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