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It must become law for big corporations, companies, public sector services, schools and universities to provide a non-halal meat/food version of the same product.

To many British citizens, halal is a brutal and barbaric practice. The animal has its throat slit with no stun or anaesthesia and is left to bleed to death over the course of several hours.

An Islamic prayer is chanted over the dying animal whilst it is bleeding to death, offering the meat to Allah. 

Currently huge companies like Cadbury (any product with Gelatin), Nestle, Ferrero (Nutella), Pizza Express, KFC, Subway DO NOT provide a non halal version of the same product to U.K. customers. Most British people do not realise they are eating halal foods. Many U.K. primary and secondary schools do not serve food that is non halal. This is spreading across the country at an alarming rate.

  1. This presents a serious animal rights issue to most British citizens. We simply do not want to eat animals that have been killed in this manner. We want animals to have the least painful death possible.
  2. This presents a serious issue to almost all other religious groups across the United Kingdom. In Christianity, the United Kingdom's biggest religion - it is not allowed to eat food which has been offered to false idols. Hindus are not permitted to eat meat which has been killed by the slitting of the neck. Sikhs cannot eat food killed in a ritualistic manner. Jews cannot eat halal as it is not kosher. Buddhists are not permitted to eat halal either. Therefore, by not having a non halal option, corporations and schools are taking away the freedom for other people to practise their religion in order to prioritise Islamic religious freedom. This inherent bias within companies and institutions is not acceptable.
  3. This presents a serious issue to human rights in the United Kingdom. British Citizens must have the choice to not eat halal. They must have access to the same range of products that a Muslim has. This is called equality and respecting other people's freedom. This is curtailed entirely by no clear packaging telling us it is halal and no non-halal version of the product. We want clear packaging and we want a suitable non-halal version.

*Please note, the following institutions may exempted from this petition: Islamic Faith Schools, Mosques, Islamic Food Restaurants, Islamic Food Markets. This is called respecting other people's freedoms, and we demand the same respect.


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