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Help Charles Salvador (Bronson) prove he's rehabilitated after 43 years behind bars

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On Valentine's day 2017 I got engaged to the love of my life, he's known to the world as 'the most dangerous prisoner in Britain' but the reality of the real man couldn't be further from that heinous title. Charlie is a kind and caring man of 64 years of age who bears little or no resemblance to the 'Bronson' image portrayed in the media. All we want to do is spend the rest of our lives together in peace but he is stuck in a prison system which will not allow him to prove he is ready for release. Charles Salvador has never killed or sexually abused or raped. He has never harmed a woman or a child, he was originally imprisoned for armed robbey in 1974. He is no longer a violent offender but an artist. Yet he spends 22 hours a day in solitary confinement because of something that happened 17 years ago. Without the chance to go back into the general population of a prison he cannot prove he is now safe to start his journey through rehabilitation to release. After all, isn't that what our penal system is meant to also be about; rehabilitation?

He does not expect to be freed straight away, far from it. He and I just want a chance to prove he is no longer a danger after 43 years inside. In 2000 Charlie received a life sentance with a tariff of 3/4 years, it's now 2017 and no sign of progression, he went straight from Luton Crown Court to 'the cage' in HMP Wakefield and is still there. This means that he is 14 years over his tarrif. How can this be the case? A huge miscarriage of justice is happening and it needs answering.

 Charlie spends his days on his fitness, keeping as healthy as possible and drawing artwork (he's an award winning artist, winning 11 Koestler Trust awards for both his poetry and art) which he donates to help raise money for charity, particularly Children's charities and has raised £250,000 over the years, he also writes to those who need help (a lot of whom are incarcerated and lost) and find Charlie's strength of character inspiring.

I started writing to Charlie several years ago after finding one of his books particularly inspiring and it helped me to deal with some dark times I'd experienced in my past.  Charlie helped me and never gave up on me and continued to provide me with unwavering support. After meeting our friendship developed into a relationship and I can honestly say that this man is my soulmate. I'm not a lover of violence and do not excuse the things he's done whilst being incarcerated but please believe me, I know the real man and I'm a devoted fiancé who simply wants to see my future husband given the chance to prove that he has changed. How can he prove this if he is locked in a cell dubbed 'the Hannibal cage' for 22 hours a day; only being let out to exercise or to shower?

Charlie's parole hearing is coming up this year and I urge people to please sign and share this petition to allow Charlie to begin the process of working back through the penal system, both myself, Charlie and his supporters ask that he be taken off Segregation and transfered to a catagory A or B prison and reintroduced into general population. Only then can he prove that he really is a changed man. We aren't asking to open the door and release him, we are just realistically asking to allow him the same rights as other prisoners have. How can a man who has never killed be kept locked up in this way?!

Please sign to give him the chance to prove he is no longer 'Britains most dangerous inmate' but a man who has found true love and who ultimately wants to help steer others away from a life of crime and continue with his charity work. 

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