Abandoned and betrayed

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Abandoned and betrayed

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Brendan Woodhouse started this petition to Amber Rudd MP (Member of Parliament) and

We request that you reconsider the case of Hafizullah Husseinkhel d of b 1/2/91, Home Office Ref H1268931.

Hafiz is an Afghan asylum seeker currently living in Derby who served as an interpreter for the British army in Afghanistan from 2008 to 2012.

Hafiz has 3 excellent references from D Squadron Household Cavalry Regiment, 9/12th Royal Lancers and Jackal Troop 1st Queen’s Dragoon Guards, all giving outstanding praise for his service, character, ability to diffuse difficult situations and general ability as an interpreter.

Hafiz was injured by an IED whilst serving with the American forces in Afghanistan, before moving to be with the British army and has serious eye injuries, although he has recovered from leg wounds. He has 20% vision in one eye and 80% in the other. He remained with the British as an interpreter for 4 years despite his damaged sight. He is currently receiving treatment and is due to have an operation at Derby Royal Hospital on 21st August 2017.

Hamed left Afghanistan in 2014 having received death threat letters from the Taliban, who also shot Hafiz's father in the leg and arm when he refused to tell them where his son was. It is very difficult for Hafiz to live with the realisation of how his family have been affected.

Hafiz was hoping to get to the UK to claim asylum because of all the work he had done for the British army and his positive relationships with them. His references indicate an excellent knowledge and understanding of the English language and British culture.

He was stopped in Austria and according to him, told he had to be fingerprinted there or sent back where he came from. This has lead to the Home Office deciding under the 1971 Immigration Act to return him to Austria who are responsible for examining his application for asylum.

Hafiz says that during the approximate year he was in Austria he had no medical treatment, despite his eye injuries, and no glasses. He had no access to a solicitor or to an interpreter as he did not speak German. He says he was informed that Syrians were the priority for asylum claims and that because Austria was not part of NATO his situation with the British army was not important.

Hafiz is due to be deported at any point from December 6th, he was sent to a detention centre in handcuffs like a criminal. However a wave of support from the public and from with the armed forces, forced the home office to release him on bail. 

He is still under threat of removal and his case is ongoing. This should not be happening. It is a betrayal of all of the armed forces values and breaks an important covenant of mutual trust. 

I strongly believe that Hafiz should be granted leave to remain in the UK.
1) He has given great service to the British army and probably been instrumental in saving many lives
2) He desperately wants to stay in the UK and has so much to offer this country
3) His personal situation since leaving Afghanistan has been incredibly traumatic and distressing. He is currently receiving psychiatric help but he is also highly motivated and strong and wants to positively contribute to British society.
4) His experiences in Austria were very negative and he is frightened to return there.
5) He is doing excellent voluntary work at Derby Refugee Advice Centre, helping with interpreting and supporting clients to integrate into the local community.
6) Surely as a country we owe this man the opportunity to rebuild his life

7) Hafiz is suffering from PTSD which can only be exasperated by his current predicament 


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This petition had 18,278 supporters

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