#WoT4Everyone - Prioritize Accessibility to Amazon Prime #TheWheelOfTime show

#WoT4Everyone - Prioritize Accessibility to Amazon Prime #TheWheelOfTime show

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Why this petition matters

We believe that entertainment and media should be available to all people. We feel the effect that lack of accessibility is having on certain groups that are marginalized in our society, both online and off. Those with sight and hearing issues are trying to make their voices heard to make media better for everyone.

Many people are excited about the upcoming Wheel of Time show on Amazon Prime, but thus far, the accessibility has been minimal at best. The Twitter community has attempted to bring awareness of this issue to the the Wheel Of Time team with small success. 

As of date, the media released by the official @TheWheelofTime Twitter account, run by Amazon Prime Video has had inadequate alternative text to photos and videos released. The descriptions are too general and plain for the scope and brilliance displayed in the releases so far. The description provided for the first two-minute official trailer were only 263 characters (see here). Twitter itself has begun to address this issue by allowing up to 1000 characters on its alt text feature. Fans have stepped up to add a thread of descriptive text for the same trailer with over 7000 characters (see here), fully explaining character’s expressions, costumes, action sequences, props, environments, etc. This was made specifically for those who have difficulty viewing or hearing the trailer because the official Amazon Prime Video account failed to do so. It should not have fallen to a non-official account to do this.

Closed captions and descriptive video have not been added or added insufficiently to any media we are aware of, including pre-recorded interviews. This is unacceptable when Amazon Prime Video has such a large audience and opportunity to bring awareness and become a world-wide leader to address this issue.

We are asking Amazon Prime Video to do better for all their members, and more importantly, for media as a whole.

((For everyone reading this and wants to know how to they can do more in this effort, please share this with everyone.  Your family, your friends, your community, even your coworkers.  Let them know that even if they aren't interested in The Wheel Of Time, this is very important to you and it would mean a lot to you if they added their name.  If you are on social media, please add #WoT4Everyone at the beginning of your username, and use the hashtag in your posts.  If you are a content creator, please create a short video or content pleading with your viewers to join this effort too.  Please sound the horn!))

678 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!