Stop Amazon shipping and promoting boiling of live lobsters!

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Yes. It's true. 

Amazon are now sending live animals in the post, along with instructions to boil them alive. 

This is completely and utterly disgusting. In the ocean lobsters journey more than 100 miles a year using a series of complicated signals to navigate their environment.
Additionally being removed from saltwater for extended periods of time does not allow them to breathe properly.
This is atrocious.

Unlike in the wild, these lobsters are put in horrible, suffocating plastic bags and shipped all the way across the country, driven round for hours in a van before arriving in a small, neat, horrifically cruel package. This is extremely stressful for the animal, as they have no space to move as they are being thrown about.

Next, they are tortured.  In a "vigorous boil" these intelligent, compassionate animals are thrown in a pan of boiling water, left to die. In the first few moments, as the lobster feels intense pain, it will scrape its body against the side of the pan, in a desperate attempt to save himself from a tortoruous death. They are left in this steaming chamber for 19 minutes.

This must stop: Amazon, please, stop this barbaric practise.

Please share this with as many people as you can. You will save the lives of many many wonderful creatures. For more information visit our official website: