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Stop Amazon from Selling Kopi Luwak and Supporting the Mistreatment of Civet Cats

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   I was shocked this morning when I found out about a product that is created specifically by the mistreatment of Civet Cats. Where the companies that produce this product keep Civet Cats in cramped conditions after they essentially steal them from the wild, feed them only a certain type of coffee beans to the point where they poop out a new kind of coffee called Kopi Luwak. They are used to a variety of fruits and foliage and also enjoy fermented flower sap (yup they enjoy alchohol). I was even more surprised to find out Amazon was selling it, despite plenty of negative reviews informing everyone of the mistreatment of these animals. So I did the same thing, I went through every listing of Kopi Luwak, only to have not allow my reviews to be posted. So I kept doing it, because being annoying is a talent I have. Eventually I got banned from posting reviews altogether, and the only reason I was given, was that there were to many similar reviews...however, one of the listings had no Amazon's responses, and blocking of my reviews were obviously just to stop any more negative reviews of a product they already know they shouldn't be selling.

    However, good on everyone else who managed to get their reviews up and it really shows how much Amazon really doesn't care about this unethical and cruel mistreatment of these animals. I feel after so many people brought this to Amazon's attention (with pictures, again good on you all), that they should have taken responsibility and refused to allow that particular product to be sold on any of their sites. Its disgusting behaviour for any company and I for one, will be boycotting Amazon until they take that product down.

   I would like to add that upon researching this issue, I found out that anyone who's tried it, either doesn't like it or says it tastes the same as regular coffee. So not only is it cruel, it's unnecessary to put these animals through this torment to the point where they are so stressed out their fur is falling out, just so we can have a more expensive product that we already have? It's disgusting,  and unnecessary. Amazon should be ashamed of themselves, not only for allowing it to be sold, selling it on their site but also because they're aware of it, informed and doing nothing about it. 

   Some of these companies who produce this product claim to be more ethical than others. They claim their Civet Cats are free roaming, I doubt it. And even if they are, to get the Kopi Luwak they would have to continue to keep them on a diet of just coffee beans. Pretty sure we can all agree it would suck to go through your entire life only eating beans of any kind. Even if those beans are coffee beans and you love coffee it would still really suck. 

   There is a company who is currently in the process of making it, without having to use Civet Cats at all by processing it synthetically in a lab. People who enjoy shit coffee can at least wait until a little longer so these animals can roam free and live the lives they're supposed to be living!

  I'm starting with Amazon. After this, I'm going after the companies that make it. Except the one synthetically creating it, good on them.



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