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Facebook following in Amazons footsteps.

Voice of the Voiceless

Aug 24, 2019 — 

We have a censorship and crime wave occurring at the hands of the big tech companies. Vimeo removed over 800 testimonies of lives changed by Jesus, only because those Christian disciples were from the LGBTQ community and decided to give up their membership in that community for something greater as a disciple of Jesus.

Amazon has lent it's platform to this bigotry by removing our communities books, including discipleship and testimony books. And now yesterday, Facebook showed their bigotry against the gospel message and a disdsin for Civil Rights by removing a wonderful testimony of one of our community members.

Facebook has removed Luca Jo Groppoli's video from her profile. But she still has it available on YouTube.

By Facebook removing it from her profile they are condoning censorship of the gospel, as well as violating her civil rights. Yes, this censorship is also a violation of The Civil Rights act. Facebook is not a publisher and does not have legal right to edit our content. According to the law, they are effectivly like the telephone company, they cannot be held liable for our speech. However, when they attempt to police content under the guise of "community standards", which would seem reasonable enough, they still must follow the law in how they do so. They can not say, " no Luca, you may not use our platform for that message" when that message is her life story, a religious one, and protected by the Civil Rights act.

Facebook and other social media tech giants aren't outside the law. They cannot create a "community standard" that effectively violates the Civil Rights Act and prohibits use by people based on their religion. Luca Jo Groppoli has the right to fully express her religion, to practice it, to evangelize and to disciple people.

Facebook is violating her rights by removing her video because of its religious content. Her video, as seen here, is completely protected by The Civil Rights act, as her message is a religious one. It is her life story, and Facebook is censoring her from telling her story specifically because of her religious message. That is illegal religious discrimination.

Facebook is a platform open to the public, like a restaurant is open to the public.The Civil Rights Act says a restaurant cannot prohibit a black person from eating there, likewise, Facebook cannot prohibit the Christian gospel message from their platform.

As you watch this video, you'll see and hear the gospel message of a woman restored by God, bright from spiritual death to eternal life.

Note, no where in the video does she attack anyone, but simply reveals her religious conversion in believing the Bible as the inspired word of God, and in the son of God Jesus Christ to restore and heal. Her message is one of hope and life and the power of God to do miraculous work in our lives to bring us from death to life. How can this, her life testimony, be a violation of a community standard, unless those standards are anti-Christian at their core?

Facebook and other tech giants are effectively working under an orwellian mandate by the LGBTQ lobby to erase our community and the Christian gospel message we are sharing. They suggest exLGBTQ Christian community, that is Christians who left behind an LGBTQ identity and lifestyle for a Christian identity and lifestyle as a disciple of Jesus, should be censored for the mental health of the LGBTQ community. Suggesting by a strawman lie of "conversion therapy" that any spiritual experience of leaving behind your LGBTQ identity and lifestyle is dangerous and even deadly to suggest or attempt.

They label our lives, our very experiences with God and Jesus Christ, as bigoted "anti-LGBTQ" hate speech. It most certainly is not. They are also saying the "stigma" of traditional Chriatian doctrine is a stigma that must be challenged and censored for the safety of LGBTQ lives. However, we know from scripture, and by the testimony of our community, that following Jesus leads to life, not depression or suicidal thoughts. Jesus himself said he is the way, the truth, and the life. We know from scripture that it is Satan that lies, deceives, steals, kills, and destroys. It is the LGBTQ lobby that is creating a stigma of following Christ to control those in their own community. To lie to their own community that trying to leave is deadly, when in fact there is life in following Jesus.

if Jesus is worth anything, he is worth everything. And everything includes "gender identity", sexuality, our identity, and lifestyle. Luca chose to believe in Jesus and let Him be her Lord in all parts of her life. This is the gospel.

Facebook should not have censored her video. The big social media tech companies should stop censoring our lives, and the LGBTQ lobby should stop their bullying and attempts of erasing our community.they are breaking the law discriminating against us.

What can you do to help? 3 things today.

1. Support Voice of the Voiceless

2. Share Luca's video on Facebook.

3. Sign (thank you to those who have!) and share (again to get the word out) the petition asking Amazon to restore the Christian books they have censored! This petition will become a movement for free speech and civil rights of Christians to share their testimony and create resources for evangelism and discipleship of the gospel message.

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