Remove Cancer Can Be Killed and Flipping the Script: Parents Fight Back From Amazon

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 Amazon hosts a number of dubious health documentaries, but Flipping the Script: Parents Fight Back and Cancer Can Be Killed give dangerous and unqualified medical advice. Flipping the Script promotes and glorifies the medical neglect of children. 

Cancer Can Be Killed promotes well-known alternative cancer treatments that have not been proven to be effective and in most cases have been proven not to work in place of legitimate cancer treatment. A few examples include: 

IV Vitamin C: Has been tested in clinical trials multiple times as a potential cancer therapy and has been found to do absolutely nothing.

Laetrile: Has been tested by the NIH as a potential cancer therapy and has been found to do absolutely nothing. It can also cause cyanide poisoning.

Ozone Therapy: The CDC states that Ozone therapy is a toxic gas with no known medical use. Ozone therapy has resulted in the death of at least one person.

Chelation Therapy: Chelation therapy is a legitimate treatment for heavy metal toxicity, however there is no scientific reason to believe it has any use as a cancer treatment. It can also cause liver and kidney, brain damage, and death.  failure.


Flipping the Script advocates for and glorifies the medical neglect of children with cancer. The film argues that parents should have the right to refuse chemotherapy for their children and instead pursue alternative treatments. The film also argues that maintenance chemotherapy, the use of chemotherapy treatments over a long period of time after the cancer has been put into remission, is not necessary. The evidence shows the maintenance chemotherapy is necessary for the treatment of certain cancers and increase survival rates dramatically. 

These films are irresponsible, and ignorant and if a viewer with cancer were to follow the advice in these films they would likely die. Don't take my word for it however, one woman, Carla Camarillo, who appeared in the film and used the treatments the film promotes instead of legitimate cancer therapies. She passed away from cancer in December of 2017 and she also helped promote alternative cancer treatments on sites such as Chris Beats Cancer. Who has since removed any evidence of her testimonials on his site. 

Video explanation by YouTuber AddictedToIgnorance

These films promote irresponsible and dangerous medical advice and have no place on Amazon's video service. Amazon has taken a clear stance on objectionable content on their service, such as content that promotes and glorifies suicide and child neglect. I believe the evidence shows that is what these films are. For more information about why the advice in these films are dangerous, my reviews on provide a comprehensive overview: