Put back "A Mad World Order"

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I am very disappointed that people petitioned against, and that Amazon pulled Paul Bernardo's novel "A Mad World Order" in the fall of 2015.  I understand that Paul Bernardo is a serial rapist and killer, but I do not believe that this takes away his right to Freedom of Expression that ALL Canadians are entitled to through Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

I have seen critics on amazon.com and goodreads.com claim that Bernardo's novel was filled with grammar errors, and that it was generally violent, but still, Bernardo was not describing his own crimes in his book, so I do not see the issue with his book being available.  I would much rather he was writing creative fiction than he was raping and killing more teenage girls.

Have I read his book?  No.  Would I buy his book if it were made available again?  No, but that's just because I'm not interested in its subject matter (restoring Russia to a world power), not because it was written by a rapist/murderer.  To me, people hating "A Mad World Order" just because it was written by Paul Bernardo is like people hating Luke Skywalker just because he was the son of Darth Vader.

I am not calling Canadians to read or even be interested in this man's writing, but I am calling Canadians to stand up for Freedom of Expression and bring back this man's right to express himself, and for those who are interested to be able to read this man's expression.  I am calling Canadians to return "A Mad World Order" to Amazon.