Need bank options to withdraw money in amazon mechanical Turk account.

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Hi, I have been a regular worker on Amazon Mechanical Turk for more than a year as of now and I'm getting my Earnings as a GIFT-CARD BALANCE to purchase on Amazon. I have a Humble request on behalf of all my fellow Indian Mturk users who are receiving their earnings as GIFT-CARD. As we from India it's really hard for us to purchase a product in AMAZON.COM and receive it in INDIA.There are much procedures and rules involved and too much of Taxe issues and it's really giving us a hard time. So it would be great if you could do something in this issue like, 1.Allowing us to TRANSFER the GIFT-CARD balance to Amazon.In or 2.Allowing us to tranfer it to our Bank or Card by charging us a certain amount of fee. Please do consider this, as this is a voice of every Indian Mturk workers here and send a valid reply.Please do something to help us out. Awaiting your positive reply.