Help us convince to add Science Fantasy (SciFan) as a recognized genre

The SciFan Society is a cooperative group of Authors who are collaborating together to bring about a movement to revolutionize the publishing industry and clamor for the debut of the SciFan genre taking the stage. Please help us reach 5,000 signatures to present to for consideration!

What is Science Fantasy (SciFan)?

“Science fantasy is a mixed genre within the umbrella of speculative fiction which simultaneously draws upon and/or combines tropes and elements from both science fiction and fantasy. It also sometimes incorporates elements of horror fiction.” [1]

Science Fantasy (SciFan) is a genre that is often ignored. Not too many people are familiar with the genre, but it was originally coined in the late 1930’s by John W. Campbell, Jr. in his magazine that was (ironically) entitled Unknown.

The Science Fiction genre is often defined as the improbable made possible, whereas the Fantasy genre is commonly defined as the impossible made probable. So then, what is Science Fantasy (SciFan)? Fellow author Ricardo Victoria defines it best as: “A genre that blends fantastic and scientific elements into a coherent worldbuild to tell a story in a more interesting and flexible way.”

“As a combination of the two, science fantasy gives a scientific veneer of realism to things that simply could not happen in the real world under any circumstances. Where science fiction does not permit the existence of fantasy or supernatural elements, science fantasy explicitly relies upon them.” [2]

Many even argue that SciFan would more appropriately classify George Lucas’ Star Wars saga.

Think about it. Despite common belief, Star Wars is not Science Fiction. As fellow author Simon Dillon explains, “Let’s be completely clear on this: Star Wars is not science fiction. It is fantasy; a fairy tale that happens to be set in space. Perhaps the setting is what confuses people, but just because something takes place in space doesn’t make it science fiction.” [3]

You might be asking yourself now, “What supernatural elements are depicted in Star Wars?”

Two Words: “The Force” is a mystical entity that is supernatural in nature. This is the primary element of Fantasy in the Star Wars saga that most people don’t take into consideration. Again, just because a story takes place in space doesn’t necessarily mean that it falls under the genre of Science Fiction.

There are many new stories that classify as SciFan, but the genre has been suppressed from the standard norm. The public has become so unfamiliar with the term, that even doesn’t recognize it in their Kindle Store categories.

The SciFan Society is a handful of Authors, Publishers, and Artists who have decided to stand up and make a change by clamoring for the debut of the Science Fantasy (SciFan) genre. As a group we collaborate together make our voices be heard. Please visit our blog to learn more about our collection of Authors, Publishers, and Artists!

Are you an Author? Do you have a SciFan story to share with the world? Can you think of existing stories that should be properly classified as SciFan? Come join our SciFan Society on Facebook to learn how you can participate in this growing movement!

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