Ban the sale of all Linda Fairstein books for The Central Park 5 #whentheyseeus

Ban the sale of all Linda Fairstein books for The Central Park 5 #whentheyseeus

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Linda Fairstein was one of the lead prosecutors in the shameful abhorrent investigation and subsequent wrongful imprisonment of five teenage boys also known as The Central Park 5. #WhenTheySeeUs 

Whilst these young men and their families had their lives ripped apart and consumed by Linda Fairsteins disgusting conduct, she was writing novels and getting notoriety for her work as an investigator.  To this day her books are sold by Amazon, Barnes and Knoble WHSmith (UK) and Waterstones (UK). Together we must get these organisation to remove her products from sale out of respect for the innocent lives she affected in the most loathsome way. 

The innocent young men she fabricated a case against spent between 6-13 years in incarceration for a number of allegations (including rape) that they were completely innocent of.

These young men were robbed of their freedom through the callous actions of Linda Fairstein. She colluded with others to obtain admissions from these children through illegal methods that include, but are not limited to questioning minors (as young as 14) without parents present, assaulting them, promising them freedom in exchange for confessions and intimidation. 

Each of these men endured bullying, harassment, incarceration, false accusations, slander and death threats for 25 years from their initial questioning in 1989 to their exoneration in 2002 and settlement in 2014. 

Please sign this petition to show your support for these innocent men; Antron McCray, Raymond Santana Jr., Korey Wise, Kevin Richardson And Yusef Salaam and help to influence these big brands (and others) to cease their support for the vile human being that is Linda Fairstein by no longer selling any of her books. 

Thank you for your support and time.