"Muslim Girl" supports Israeli Defense Force and anti-Islam sentiment with ORLY

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"Muslim Girl" supports Israeli Defense Force and anti-Islam sentiment with ORLY

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It is sad day today that we find out that one of the largest Muslim organizations and mobilizers in the US, Muslim Girl, is working with ORLY, whose CEO Jeff Pink espouses anti-Muslim/Islam, anti-Palestinian, and pro-Israeli sentiments.

Muslim Girl chose to collaborate with ORLY to bring a "halal" nail polish to the market. While they could have chosen to collaborate with existing Muslim companies, they chose not to for the sake of profit. MOST disheartening however is that ORLY's CEO, Jeff Pink, is a Zionist who has PUBLICLY posted his anti-Muslim, anti-Palestinian, and pro-Israeli sentiments. Above are just a few of his many posts.  The original posts may be removed by the time this petition is circulated widely but the snapshots are preserved. Individual images of some but not all of ORLY CEO Jeff Pink's humiliating posts are here: https://khawla.imgbb.com/ 

It is unclear how many more PRIVATE posts of this nature there are. Muslim Girl is asking us to support this organization and it is shameful. A company which supports the oppression of Palestinians, Muslims, or anyone, is not "halal."

It is heartbreaking to see our youth flocking to buy nail polish at the expense of human dignity and life. Muslim Girl founder, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, has been reported to "bring humanity to the everyday [...] Muslim" and "empower Muslim women." Supporting the humiliation and oppression of our Palestinian brothers and sisters is not humanity nor is it empowerment. ORLY CEO Jeff Pink's promotion of Islamophobia through his posts makes a fool out of Muslim Girl, and every Muslim who supports ORLY.

Muslim Girl has supported the Palestinian cause in the past and they should not turn a blind eye when abuse happens to come at a financial profit. We do not want blood on our hands brothers and sisters. We ask Muslim Girl to rescind their collaboration with ORLY, and ask EVERYONE WHO HAS PURCHASED THESE NAIL POLISHES THAT ARE SUPPORTING THE OPPRESSION OF PALESTINIANS AND MUSLIMS TO CANCEL THEIR ORDERS AND/OR RETURN THE PRODUCTS IMMEDIATELY.


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