Get's old version back

Get's old version back

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Carter Leedy started this petition to Rabbit Inc Amanda Richardson and had been virtually the greatest online stream sharing experience with friends on the internet. Their website was simple, clean, and quick to navigate. On February 5th, 2019, they updated their site and completely altered the design and simplicity. The website is now unnecessarily difficult and confusing to use; the revamp has taken all of the simplicity and quickness out and replaced it with unwanted additions. Here are a few reasons why we want the old version back. on Feb. 5th took many options out that were not broken or unuseful. Here are some that they discarded that many users are unhappy about: 

1 - HD/LD buttons. These buttons let you choose which quality you wanted to stream with on your computer. Perhaps your computer was laggy; you would switch to LD. Once it cooled down, you could switch back up to HD. They were very useful. as of now has taken those completely out and has replaced them with an automated version, choosing for you. This is not always good.  

2 - The ability to ask for the remote. Before the update, in a room, one would have to ask the Host of the room for the remote before they could take it. Now in a group, anyone can steal it without having permission. This is quite annoying and not effective. 

3 - Deleting/editing messages. has completely discarded this feature, and why I do not know. Being able to edit and delete comments are very effective even in a normal room, but if trolls or unwanted people enter your room the delete feature is one you want to have or else it isn't a fun experience. I don't understand why they would get rid of such a simple thing. 

4 - Profiles. profiles were simple pages with the user's friends and stats on them including their sign up date, users hosted, and hours hosted. These were pretty informative and interesting statistics, and getting rid of them and users' profiles were pretty counterproductive. 

5 - The simple task of making a room. Before the update all one had to do was click their profile picture in the top right and click My Room. Then they could add their friends. This has been completely changed since the update. Now one has to make a group with the people they want to with (by sending a link), and then they have to enter the video they would like to watch in order to get the stream started. It is confusing and takes much longer than it should. 

6 - Privating rooms. Old allowed the options once you started your room to make it Public or Private. And if it was private, you could also click the option to let your friends join the room at anytime without having to receive permission first. This was useful for the basic fact that it was fast and reliable. Now you have to go through a completely different set of difficult and confusing steps to achieve this. 

7 - Being able to block a user from the chat. A very useful feature for obvious reasons. 

8 - Using the browser. After the revamp, it is almost impossible to get to the browser compared to the simple option of bringing up Google on the stream in's old UI. 

Here are a few additions that have come with the revamp that users are not happy with: 

1 - The stream screen is much smaller than before. 

2 - Notification sounds that can't be turned off. 

3 - Groups. They make an extra layer of trying to start a room that is unnecessary and completely different than the normal 

4 - Laggy streams and chats. Also the ability for people to spam the chat by typing a message and then spamming enter. 

5 - Not being able to switch between streams without crashing

6 - All rooms being open by default. 

As of right now, has been completely nonchalant on Twitter in regards to their users' concerns about the update. Everyone completely dislikes the revamp and wants the old version back, but it seems as if they aren't listening at all. Hopefully this petition will draw in their attention and make them realize that despite their efforts, we want the old version back. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!