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Busing for all resident students in ALSD

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Currently, the Austintown school district does not provide bus transportation for any student that lives less than 2 miles from the school (Canfield, Boardman, Girard, and Hubbard schools provide busing for all resident students) with the exception of streets that are across a main road. Over the past few years, we have all witnessed a very significant increase in traffic due to open enrollment. Hand in hand with the increase in traffic, the geographical size of the school campus has grown. This has created an unsafe environment for the elementary and middle school children who must walk to and from school.

Experts suggest that a child is not able to walk to and from school without adult supervision until the age of 12. Under the current policy, children as young as 5 must walk up to 2 miles one way to attend school each day. The school has failed to consistently provide crossing guards at the busy intersections of Woodhurst and Idaho, as well as the Westchester Drive area. The school also does not provide any adult supervision for children who must cross large parts of campus that are congested with traffic. Moreover, this year, students were told to take a path through the soccer field to avoid mosquitoes that tested positive for the West Nile virus. Apart from traffic problems, there are several registered sex offenders within 2 miles of the school on "walking routes".

The current situation is not safe for students who are not provided bus transportation and the school has the obligation to address this issue. The cost to provide such transportation is minimal and the Superintendent specifically stated that it was not a budget issue, but rather an issue of hiring more bus drivers. I fear that it is only a matter of time until a child is hurt or injured while traveling. Please sign this petition and join me in making sure that all of our students can safely travel to and from school. The school district should reverse its policy, hire new bus drivers, and begin to provide transportation for all elementary and middle school students.

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