Give Local Authorities the power and funds to build 100,000 social homes a year

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Why is this important?

In the 21st century, in one of the richest countries in the world we shouldn’t have people who don't have shelter, one of the most basic necessities of human life. 
Homelessness is wrong, we should end it now. 

I took this video about 18 months ago, this lady is STILL homeless!

A Plea To Our Former Prime Minister

Eliminating homelessness sounds impossible, but it’s not.
This Government report in 2012 identified that there were 40,000 homeless people, both people living on the street and those living in inadequate temporary accommodation.

That's a lot of people, too many, but it is less than one person in 1,000, which makes it perfectly manageable. It cost us £1bn a year to keep those people, £25,000 per person. That’s daft, to spend £25,000 a year, about an average salary, and not even manage to provide decent accommodation, in some cases provide no accommodation.

The reason for homelessness is simple

There aren't enough homes, or truly truly 'affordable ones' (not the Governments' definition). And there aren't enough support services.

If there were enough homes nobody would be homeless. It is said that homeless people have other problems, issues with drugs, alcohol, mental health, family breakdown, sometimes just bad luck. That is probably true, but it's not a reason why we should add not having a home to their problems. The solution isn't even expensive, in fact in the long run it would save us money. If we built the homes then that £25,000 a year would pay for them in less than ten years, in the long run it would save us money.


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