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Truth Advocate - Notes for November including store closeout   :)

to view this newsletter, with full images and corresponding links, at - November 2, 2009

Dear Truth Advocate,

A few updates of interest to and readers follow . . .

1) closing


2) The Hard Evidence Tour Down Under 2009

3) "The Turning Point", statement from NYC Coalition for Accountability Now


1) is closing our online store, due to a lack of necessary resources to continue to maintain and stock it, fill orders and meet customer service needs and handle back-end administration. We have marked prices down to at or below our original cost for nearly all remaining inventory, which offers you a great opportunity to purchase brand new books, DVDs, audio CDs, stickers, posters and deception/conception/media/election dollars at really low prices.

As you may know, the store was previously a significant source of support for the organization and to those of you who have supported us with purchases there, we thank you very much. And of course, to those of you who have made and continue to make contributions to the organization, thank you!

Of our list of nearly 18,000 subscribers and hundreds of thousands of readers each month (millions in September), 53 individuals made a donation in October, ranging from $3.00 to $50.00. We sincerely thank those 53 people.

If it is important to you to see continue to exist as a valuable web presence and resource for important news and research, right NOW is a critically important time for you to make a donation.

Thank you!

2) Exciting News from Australia ... November 14-21 - The Hard Evidence Tour Down Under 2009

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Wellington - The Hard Evidence Tour Down Under 2009
is right around the corner!

This international conference will feature some of the world's leading experts and activists in the 9/11 Truth Movement. The two-day Sydney event will include Dr. Steven Jones (Physicist), Richard Gage (AIA), Janice Matthews (, Cosmos ( of Every Month Campaign), Luke Rudkowski (WeAreChange NYC), Paul Mason (Structural Engineer), Dr. David Leifer (Architect), James O'Neil (Barrister), John Bursill (Engineer), , Dr. Frank Legge (Chemist and Co-editor,, Ken Jenkins (Psychologist, engineer and filmmaker), Hereward Fenton (Anthropologist, radio host and webmaster).

If you are nearby and have not yet gotten your tickets, do it now! If you are in other parts of the world and would like to support this important conference, you may now purchase conference t-shirts from John Bursill, conference organizer. Send him an email at to let him know what you'd like and get further order details (payment can be made via Paypal or cheque). In addition to getting a great looking t-shirt, you'll be supporting the movement down under.

Available in two colours, black and stone, these shirts are of high quality (no sweatshops!). Those who pre-ordered and have already received theirs love them! Cost:

$30 AUD each if picked up or bought at the events
$35 AUD each posted to your address in Australia (post is $5:70)
$40 AUD each international post to anywhere ($35 American dollars)
Bulk purchase can be arranged on request at substantial discount!

Funds raised will go directly to funding the Hard Evidence Tour.



3) NYC CAN (NYC Coalition for Accountability Now) issued a statement on October 16:

"...the City of New York and the State Supreme Court denied the will of 80,000 voters to place NYC CAN's referendum on November's ballot. In doing so, the City's Corporation Counsel -- while forced to acknowledge in open court that no investigation into 9/11 of any kind, criminal or otherwise, had ever been conducted by the City of New York -- labeled the will of the people 'irrelevant'.

A lone Supreme Court Justice, while demonstrating no comprehension or interest in the fundamental aspects of the events of 9/11 or the basis of our case -- not to mention justice or truth -- sided with the will of the City over the will of the people whose interests he is sworn to protect."

If you missed it, you can find the full statement here: "The Turning Point".

As always, we thank you for your courage and perseverance!

With best wishes,

Janice Matthews


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