Decision Maker Response

Irene Aguilar’s response

Irene Aguilar
State Senator

Feb 3, 2016 — Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding the State Board of Health's adoption of rules that prevents child care facilities from keeping ducks and chickens as pets on premises. ​Unfortunately, this rule is based on a recommendation by the Center for Disease Control. Apparently ducks and chickens may carry diseases that are harmful to young children. The good news is that child care centers are permitted to keep cats, dogs, hamsters, bunnies, etc.​.​

I certainly support the opportunity of children to learn the many lessons afforded by pet ownership, I also understand the need to keep little ones, and especially the very young, safe from any kind of disease. As a physician, I am particularly aware of how quickly infectious diseases can spread among little children who are know for touching and holding everything in sight. For this reason, I think the lessons that children can learn from animals are available without adopting chickens and ducks and the potential risk they may pose.

Thank you for your engagement in public policy.


Senator Aguilar