Allow outdoor live performances to restart this July

Allow outdoor live performances to restart this July

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On 23rd June 2020, the UK government began lifting lockdown restrictions. Whilst pubs, restaurants, hotels, campsites, cinemas, museums, galleries, theme parks and zoos have all been told they can reopen on 4th July, theatres, concert halls and music venues will not be able to restart since government guidance states that "venues should not permit live performances".

This is rather like saying you can sit in the cinema but not watch a film; walk round a theme park but not go on any of the rides; or visit a pub but not be served a drink.

It is important that as leisure attractions reopen, they do so in a way that protects as far as possible the health of visitors and the staff who work in them. However, there is no evidence that live performance venues are any less capable of managing and minimising the risks of coronavirus than other types of business that will be allowed to reopen. In particular, live performance in the open air poses no greater risk than a visit to any of the other outdoor attractions due to reopen.

Allowing live performances to restart outdoors from this July - with appropriate measures to manage the risks of coronavirus - will ensure that at least some arts organisations are able to get up and running in the short to medium term. It will reduce the industry's reliance on financial support from the government and help to safeguard some of the 360,000 jobs currently at risk in the theatre and music industries. Finally, it will provide cultural sustenance and entertainment to potentially hundreds of thousands of people across the UK over the next few months.

We want to get back to work and start entertaining people once more - please help us to do so!