Return "Piano Grove" piano

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Return the Piano in North Park
On the morning of August 2nd, the spinet piano that mysteriously appeared in an abandoned shelter in North Park was removed by the county and taken to a storage location. While the act of depositing unwanted goods like this on county land is shameful, this particular act has brought positive attention, not only to the trail system, but the park in general. It's only been on the property for a week or so and many of us have been treated to the delightful tunes of fellow trail users and social media images of families, animals and children enjoying and respecting the piano. More importantly, this piano was not ‘dumped’ as stated by the county, it was undoubtedly situated with care, which clearly shows the actor had intentions of bringing a new level of enjoyment to the park and intention for the instrument.

We and the park system both recognize that the piano cannot remain without some care.

This petition is asking the county park system to allow the piano to remain with the understanding that a volunteer committee will need to be created with the help of facebook channels like “Friends of North Park”. The volunteers will provide maintenance in regards to the wood materials and any infestation that may occur including an annual marine sealant and a tarp backing on the rear of the piano in the winter (or full coverage). As noted by other popular outdoor piano 'areas' such as Boston and NYC, the instruments can remain outside year round provided adequate shelter (prevention of direct rain, snow and sun). The wood will swell with moisture content, but this will not encourage rot, rather simply affect the tune.

 This is not a monumental task to keep this gem alive in our beloved park. Please raise your hand and join us in asking Andy Baechle and the county parks system to allow the piano to remain.