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Save the pet macaw

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So many people are losing their pet macaws due to these rediculous regulations many people do not know about in the Moretonbay redland bay and Brisbane councils.

Losing your bird simply to the size of the land the house sits on is not acceptable.

We are not losing our birds to to noise complaints or attacks but just simply to the house not being on atleast 1000sqm.
These regulations are ridiculous considering we can keep 2 large dogs or even 30 small birds such as conures which would make much more noise than 1 macaw on a bad day.

Macaws are amazing animals with a life span of over 90 years some reaching 130 years. They make great companions and wonderful emotional support animals. They have helped children with austism people suffering with ptsd depression and anxiety.

The council forcing people to give them up is like asking them to give up a family member because they are just that. They are more than a pet as they are with you till you die often needing to be left to the next generation.

They can be noisy if not cared for properly. I can completely understand them asking to be removed if numerous noise complaints have been put in and nothing has been done to rectify the issue, but this is not the case. The case is that the birds and owners have not done anything wrong its just the size of the land simple as that.

If you can have children or keep cats and dogs then a well behaved and trained macaw is the least of anyones worries and should continue to be able to live with their family regardless of the property size as long as they dont cause any problems.

We need to change this bogus regulation descriminating birds simply on their size.
Just because they are bigger does not mean they need 1000sqm

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