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Start considering females as humans first

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Dear Indians,

I stopped counting the number of times I am assaulted, harassed, stared at, judged for being a female in India. I know the horrors which other girls and ladies go through from the moment they are born, to the moment they perish. But we die every single time we are harassed in bus, train, queues and crowds...the list goes on. 

I think it's time for our generation to stand up and to be human enough to spread the awareness and honour our females and my call is for everyone: every single male and female out there in the Indian subcontinent.

Protect the ones who are getting harassed and looking for help

Educate the ones who fail to understand the gravity of the situation

Stand up for those who fail to find a voice

Teach the necessity of the gender equality which is necessary in every aspect of human life


This project will take some time to take effect, but I am sure that if we start, then 10 years from now on, India could be the safest place for women in the entire World. I know this is an ambitious project, but I have faith and hope in my fellow Indians, for what cannot be achieved if 1.3 billion people join their forces.

Hope for the best, let's #PEST all.

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