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Stop the ODers in ROBLOX!

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In case you have been living under a rock this whole time and don't know what ODers are, they are people who online date, which is strictly forbidden in the popular game ROBLOX, but I have seen a lot of people not following that rule. I'm really sure that ODers are taking advantage of ROBLOX since who knows when they read reports and I'm really sure that the staff team doesn't really care because they just want money! Yeah, money! Some ODers use their money so they could look Hyper Realistic and get the boys/girls! Most of the games that I see ODers are: All the Boys and Girls Party stuff, Club Tesla, Club Whatever the name is and the one and only, where most people take advantage because the creator of the game doesn't do anything is... you guys already know... MeepCity! Please sign this so we can send a message to all the ODers to just STOP what they are doing and also a message to ROBLOX to do their job well since who knows how long it takes them to read 1 report?!

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