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This is a petition for saving “The Upstage” in Asbury Park, New Jersey. All signers on this petition support the cause to keep this place for the future, and for it not to be demolished.

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 The reason for this petition is what we call "The Upstage Club". To be more correct, the building at 700 Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park. Now recently there has emerged rumors that this place may be demolished. This is a place that is very well known all around the world as the birthplace of the Jersey Shore Music also called The Sound of Asbury Park. (SOAP).  The only thing I think we can compare this place with, is "The Cavern" in Liverpool, England, where The Beatles started, and Sun Studio, in Memphis, Tennessee. Thousands of people around the world, Europe, Africa and as far as Australia and Asia have heard, and read about "The Upstage" and it's amazing history. Where Bruce Springsteen met his future band members, and future Asbury Jukes members honed their skills.

 The club, with its Green Mermaid Café on the second floor and a concert stage on the third floor, is considered such an important musical venue that it is now featured in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. Bruce Springsteen himself mentioned "The Upstage" as an important part of his musical development in his  speech at the induction of The E Street Band into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year.

 We the signers are very much aware that this place has been closed since 1971, and has deteriorated a lot since then, but the point, that it is really an untouched “time capsule” can be to it's advantage, if it is saved. We are also aware the difficulties with restoring it back to its old glory. The price may be high for doing that, but the alternative, erasing this place from the world`s musical heritage, is so much worse. For us, the signers, it is just unthinkable that this place could become only a distant memory, as long as there is still hope and possibility to do something for its legacy. The benefits will be very high for Asbury Park, having this world-famous place as a big asset for the City. Asbury Park already have famous places, like The Stone Pony, Wonder Bar, The Convention Hall, Paramount Theater and others, but The Upstage would be the big thing if this is treated in a good way. Today, and in the future, it has a potential to become a place for "pilgrimage" of music tourists from all over the world. If it is demolished and the building is redeveloped as condominiums or a restaurant, it will just be that - ordinary condos or restaurants.

 We are concerned people from all around the world; Americans, Europeans, Asians, Australians and we are all engaged in this issue, this is a topic that is discussed on the Internet all over the world, where fans of the Jersey Shore music meet. We believe it is a good thing this message comes from people all around the world, as it really shows how people from different places engage in The Upstage,  its future and legacy, and its importance to the musical heritage of the world.

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