Boycott Ohio Great Clips and Penzone Salons

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Ohio beauty industry licensees and consumers:

When does less education result in higher skills? When do fewer hours of preparation result in a better final product? When does the devaluing of industry education result in higher salaries? To any rational individual, the answer to each of these questions is never. Members of the Ohio Cosmetology and Barber Board, however, are rejecting this logic for profit. 

The beauty industry is under attack. Our professions are being left unrepresented and disrespected at the state level. Ohio House Bill 189 threatens to cut "the Ohio requirement for cosmetology licensure hours from 1,500 to 1,000; reduce hair designer licensure hours from 1,200 to 600; reduce esthetician licensure hours from 600 to 300; and reduce manicurist from 200 to 100" according to the Ohio Salon Association. To the beauty industry licensees reading this: will you feel more comfortable with less training? To the consumers reading this: would you want a cosmetologist with 500 fewer hours of training working with your hair? 

The Ohio Cosmetology and Barber Board should be fighting this on our behalf. They should be standing up for our proud industry and demanding that it be treated with the respect it deserves, that it be taken seriously. But what was Board Member Necole Cumberlander's response to these proposed cuts in education time? Instead of standing up for her profession, she told members of the barbering and cosmetology industry at a state board meeting, "What's 500 hours?"

500 hours is your livelihood. 500 hours is pride in your profession. 500 hours is reciprocity with 45 other states. 500 hours is your confidence in your work, and your clients' confidence in you. 

We are organizing to boycott the establishments of two board members who have supported this measure in the past: Clara Osterhage and Charles Penzone.  Osterhage owns over 60 Great Clips franchises in the state of Ohio, while Penzone has boasted to the state senate about owning two of the largest salons in the world in Columbus, Ohio. Does this sound like a conspiracy theory? Don't take it from us! The International Salon and Spa Business Network, an organization pushing for lowered educational requirements across the country, cite Osterhage and Penzone as LEADERS in the Ohio effort to limit licensing requirements (ISBN Webinar Update August 2016, slide 22). 

These are your board members. These are your representatives, but they are not representing you. Penzone is the founder of the Ohio Salon Association, a group that was called out specifically by Rhoda Olsen, the CEO of Great Clips, for its efforts to lower licensing requirements. The OSA has hired lobbyists in support of HB-189 and asked its membership to support the bill.

This board has repeatedly ignored peaceful requests for action. We have driven to Columbus and spoken at board meetings, where we were shut down and given no more than three minutes to speak. This boycott is the only way to make our voices heard. Sign our petition to boycott Ohio Great Clips and Penzone Salons, and share with friends, family, and clients, asking them to sign it as well. 

It is hard to fight powerful people and organizations with national backing. It is hard to stand up for what is right. These board members think you can be bought off with promises of lower student loan payments when they cut your education by a third, but that initial cut in loan payment will mean nothing when your education has been devalued and it becomes a challenge just to find employment. Let them know that we cannot be bought. Sign our petition. 

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