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Cow Sanctuary for Old Cows

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Dear Prime Minister Narender Modi ji and CM Yogi Adityanath Ji

I am very Happy to know you are saving cows. It is such a kind gesture to save the poor animals who cannot speak for themselves. As my love for these gentle and giving animals, I feel Cows are symbolic to our mothers and daughters.

Sir , Once we stop slaughtering the cows it is very important we give them a neat and clean place to live. It is important that utmost care should be given to all cows. They should be not kept tied up to die. They should be kept in a Cow Sanctuary. The facilities should be of world class order. They should be fed good food and given medical facilities just like we give to our mothers.

Sir Please make sure that the cows are not suffering in the hands of their owners. Please do request people not to snatch the mothers milk from the poor calves once they are born. Cows milk is sacred and so is her baby. If milk giving cow is our mother then the cows babies are our brothers and sisters. Why do people put heavy loads on our brothers and sister and hit them with a stick and hunter. When I see this on the road, i feel lot of pain. Please do make sure people stop this cruel behaviour towards these mute animals.

I would love to know where is the cow sanctuary is being made. I will request all Hindus, Muslims, Christian and Sikh brothers and sisters of my country to help us raise a fund with which we can make a cow sanctuary where these beautiful pious animals can live happily.

Sir, I worked with PFA for a year as volunteer in my city. I once picked old cows from the owners. I took them to the PFA shelter. In PFA shelter the cow was just tied to the rope for days and days. I felt sorry for the cow and this condition.

Can you please make arrangements to give healthy life to old cows.

Sir please do make arrangements for the human mothers who are left in old age homes by their sons and daughters to die along with these cows. I spend lot of time of my day with people in old age home. I must tell you sir that the maximum number of old mothers who are left in old age home in my city are of Hindu Religion. Please do take strict action against all owners of Cows and All sons and daughters of the mothers who leave their mothers and their cows after utilizing them in their old age to die. I hope my request will reach you and you will let me know where we are making this cow sanctuary.

Sir, once we save cows , we have to give them a good life. I want that to happen. I am sure just like me all good animal lovers are ready to pay an extra tax of 1% to 2% to make this cow sanctuary. I am sure all of us have had cows milk and grown up and paying extra 2% tax should not matter to all of us Good God Fearing people. My request is to put this tax asap so that we have a good amount ot money for animal welfare.

I wanted to request to stop using ox, bulls, cows, buffaloes to pull heavy loads. It really pains me. Sir , I have tears in my eyes when I see humans beating them with stick.

Sir we need to take a quick action. We need to plan to save these cows. Right now some cruel owner must be starving the cows in greed to sell them because they are old and no longer produce milk. Time is ticking. We must take quick action Now!

Waiting for a quick and effective response!

Sonali Strange

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