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Expand the range of female gaming apparel available in their stores

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More and more females are playing games these days, be it RPGs, FPS or any other. Companies such as Bethesda and Bioware that create games that are played frequently by females have began opening online stores where they sell game memorabilia like figurines, lithographs and so on, but they also stock t-shirts and hoodies with their unique designs on them. For every female apparel product available on these websites, there are 4-5 male apparel products. It is true that males are the typical thought when one considers games, but in this day and age, that is just not true. More and more females are playing games due to the nature of casual gaming these days, be it because their partner has gotten them interested in games, or because they are stay-at-home mothers with time on their hands every now and then, or because they just grew up with a passion for games due to an older brother, or simply the way they are.
Due to the lack of female apparel, this encourages users on Redbubble, Cafe Press and so on to create their own designs for female gaming apparel. When these are discovered, the companies usually have them pulled for copyright reasons. While this is 100% understandable, it means that female gamers who want to sport their favourite game on a t-shirt like half of the male gaming community, they are unable to unless they choose to wear loose-fitting male products, or have a sewing machine handy to alter a male product.

Females are also more inclined to think about what they wear than males are, and also care a little more about what people think. Out of a group of 15 gamers, 6 females and 9 males, 4 out of those 6 females would buy a gaming t-shirt, while only 5 out of the 9 males would.

I am petitioning for companies such as these to realise that their female gaming communities are larger than they think, and that they are tired of only having access to a limited number of apparel designs.

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