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All Gamers, Console AND PC, Casual & Core : Be A Gamer Against Piracy.

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Show your Support for Developers & Artists, And the Gaming Industry in General, By putting your name against the rampant Piracy and the common thinking that it's all "OK"

MY ORIGINAL POST ON FB Explains the situation much better, and raises the very real concerns about the sustainability of PC Gaming & also the trend of Console Gaming Piracy too.... Please read on and make a stand.....

OP on Facebook -

"After hearing the rotten drivel out of a certain scumbag's mouth just moments ago about how he and 80% of people were going to "Pirate" the one game the entire PC gaming population is dying to own. A few good friends and i began talking about the situation, after that, it was suggested that a petition or something similar could be a way of getting people who are willing to state that they WILL NOT partake in any Piracy any more, and will in fact actively talk against it to people who think it's all just fine and dandy to do, without a single thought for the future of gaming in general.

This goes for Consoles too, as no-one is immune, and the Developers of the world need to start rethinking their strategies, and way they look at DRM as a form of Piracy Mitigation.. which has only made the problem so much worse since it's early adoption.

My friend pointed me to '' for another petition to do with the game i am talking about, GTA-V (5) ......

We ALL know what it is and just how awesome this is going to be, if you do not?

Please read -

and also see -

and this - the aforementioned Petition -

on that petition to bring the game to PC, as a reason i wrote -

"Because, we love these games, and our systems. Because a game as great as GTA-V needs to be shown for the masterpiece it will be in all it's glory on PC's that are made and ready to show it as such.... Because i am going to start a goddamn petition to see who is willing to put their name against PIRACY...... Because i am sick of the somewhat (now) minority of PC gamers now just immediately called pirates because they have a PC and choose that system to game on, and to enjoy all the developers hard work, expertly crafted stories and visuals on.... It's Time to make an actual stand"

Now here we are.... Developers are closing up shop left & right, and it isn't always piracy that is directly to blame, But it DOES have a massive impact on a Developer who has spent megabucks to make the best game they could, expecting that they would be rewarded with their rightful dues after the games release only to see millions of people just 'Suck it Down' (to quote that dickwad Duke Nukem) the pipe for free, after a handful of days after release because "Crackers" (Who i Definitely DO respect for their prowess in Codeland) find it as a small "Challenge" to break these DRM softwares, and allow the world to play these games without payment to the ACTUAL Author's of the Game... While i will always seek out a "No-CD Crack" for my games (For ease of Use and Disc Longevity) This has Obviously been abused, and is obviously wrong when other parties, use these helpful and necessary files to make the whole game available for free on the net, and now people just think it's all ok to just get the game for free, no harm done.

(No-one in particular is at fault here, it's just essentially Mob Mentality)

Now, Let's be honest, Not one single person who games on PC is Innocent.... we've all downloaded a game... for whatever reason, We've all Justified it in our minds with whatever made the moral side of Theft go away long enough for us to forget we did it in the first place!

A lot of us may have started to do it to spite the games Devs who have repeatedly Force fed us broken games because of DRM being tacked on (Starforce anyone?)

Or maybe it was because the devs stopped making Demo's worth a toss, so US, the consumer could actually make a choice as to whether or not to buy the game,

Or even like myself, and many hundreds of thousands of people who simply cannot afford the prices that Games are released at, with all the cheap tricks of "Pre-Ordering" (as if without a demo, you can know if it's going to even be worth HALF the amount paid)

And "Collectors Editions" (which have been good here & there) But to me, is usually a mark that a game is actually not as good as it sounded on paper, And they need to spice up the package to entice over a $100 out of each and every person, OR the game is actually from a much beloved Series and it is simply Fan Service.

And then you have of late, The Terrible DLC shenanigans of Capcom and other Devs, just trying to drain wallets of cash, which inspire more people to hatred of the Developer, and it then becomes their 'Reason' for Downloading rather than Purchasing....... or any other myriad of reasons to do it.

(And they are getting more and more tricky & desperate to get everyone to 'pre-order' games now if you have been watching anything in the industry, Offering little "Bang" for your "Buck")

The common argument of some is "I'm not Rich" as if it takes a rich person to buy a game, yet that very same person has enough money to have

1) Bought a PC, and not just ANY PC... one that play games in todays graphically intensive landscape. 


2) has enough money to also have an Internet Connection and A Good one at that, too Download the games on.... The Hippocrisy of this argument is laughable and should be ridiculed at all times... remember kids, PATIENCE & SAVING UP are indeed virtues of Character.

I, and many people i know, am proud to say even though i have downloaded a few games..... If they were worth their salt, They got my money!

Anyone who is a serious Gamer will ALWAYS want a Hard Copy, A Real Object, A Booklet, A Working Serial Code, The Ability to Play Legitimately Online in a Game, As opposed to a cracked, Downloaded game. 

Even the games that i Downloaded, that i liked, sometimes the DL versions of games work far BETTER than the legitimate game, i still have bought a copy for myself... and on that point, i can only speak for myself, Shit games get deleted (why the fuck would i waste my HDD space on a game i'll never play again, let alone a game that is utter crap?)

So, In Closing to my initial gambit against Piracy, Some Points to think about and remember...

DRM is a monstrous failure and in FACT is actually one of the largest reasons why people pirate games now.... Devs, you showed us no trust in the early days of PC DRM.... And people reacted harshly... Now it is epidemic and is harder than ever to combat, And is easily one of the major reasons of the endless closing of some the greatest gaming devs in our gaming history....

It needs to stop and WE (Gamers) need to come to an understanding of just how it must feel to have your artworks stolen by millions..... we have ALL had a hand in this.... and it MUST cease... or PC gaming in ANY form, has very few years ahead.

This is a very real consequence of ALL our actions... I urge you all to just think, and don't say "Oh it's only one game, i'm only one person" like that makes a difference, because when 10 million people all say that.... you can do the math and understand how bad this is...

It is time for us all to start actually working towards stamping out the wanton disregard for other people, the Developers, and the gaming world as a whole. (yes including Consoles)

These people are exactly who alot of us (Gamers) wish we were, They NEED our support, not subterfuge and straight up lack of forethought, and a seeming lack of respect for the industry that has brought oh so much joy to billions of people worldwide over multiple generations now....

So, There it is...... I can only wish that my good friends who are reading can actually agree with me, and just make your thoughts known, whether it's here, or to a Favourite Developer Directly, and that also Developers read this somehow (I doubt it, But am hopeful)
And see that we are far from all being 'Pirates' (that word is a bullshit Label too btw) and that there are many of us trying our best to do right by you....

Thanks for reading if you did.... ;) MK.... end.of.line.....

Just a few Afterthoughts......

"It's time to make it understood....... it's no longer "fun & games" .... Our beloved Games are steadily dying off quicker each year, at this rate, i give PC gaming 5-10 years to be nearly non-existent...... thanks again for being smart, and seeing that this (Piracy) will all end in tears if we don't try and just get people to fucking think about what they are doing..... and it's NOT Just US... goes for Developers too with DRM.... they also need to see the failures for what they are, and make changes to start actually trusting people to do the right thing.... it has to start somewhere..... and there are alot more things to be said..... but this is the crux of the situation now... and we need to get this out there so people realise the actual damage they are doing.....

A classic example would be a random gamer crying blue murder over a Development house closing up shop... even though that same gamer never paid for a single game he played from them..... it's utter hippocrisy and needs to just stop, point blank...."


Thanks for reading & thinking all...... 

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