Hope for Circus Horses

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At the Taiyang Circus, the ringmasters created a trick where a big cat would jump up onto the back of a horse who had a special saddle on for the cat to stand on. Unfortunately, this trick took a devastating turn and the two big cats, one lion and one tiger, started to prey upon the horse in the ring. The horse would gallop away, but the big cats would continue to attack. It's no surprise really, seeing as horses are prey and tigers and lions are predators. It's the natural instinct of prey to run and predator to chase. The men in the ring continually whipped the two cats to try to bring them off the horse, but it didn't work in the beginning. Finally, after a little over a minute, they were able to get the situation under control, but the possibility for this situation to happen in the first place is outrageous. It's not natural for these animals to perform and it's not natural for these animals to get along with one another. These big cats cannot simply be expected to obey out of fear; these wonderful creatures have their own minds and we cannot expect to control them. This attack goes to show that this type of entertainment, where such violence is a possibility, should be banned. Children and families attend this circus and seeing such an atrocious act would be horrible beyond words. This petition is to raise awareness and try to stop the use of horses, and really any animals, in these dangerous acts.