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Death sentence for rapists irrespective of age, caste, creed or any other condition.

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Women in India are always in fear of being sexually abused, molested or raped and looking back at several rape incidents, we can easily observe that rapists are actually left free after what looks like a mockery show in the name of judicial actions, either on the basis of being under age, or on the basis of their monetary & political powers. Its a shame that a constitutionally democratic country actually does nothing to protect its own womenfolk. India should feel ashamed that rapists here move out free even after committing heinous rapes & thereafter even murders to eliminate proof of their crime. Politicians passing several theoretical bills should at least learn to take a lesson from all other countries, where rapists are never spared, like what is done in our country. The disease will otherwise even engulf the so called powerful one day, just as cancerous cells slowly destroy the whole healthy body if not killed in time. I, as an Indian citizen feel ashamed when friends from other countries point out... "oh, India? Where innumerable rapes happen & rapists move around free!" 

Don't you feel ashamed, Mr.Prime Minister? Aren't you ashamed, honourable President? I am... cause I am an Indian, who would always like to tell, I am proud to be an Indian.

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