Gladstone Regional Council Qld. please rectify recent changes to Rescued Animals website

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We ask that the Gladstone Regional Council review the recent changes to their website due to the following problems being identified within days of the launch of this revised website: 

It is no longer user friendly since changes made to it, and have made it difficult for the public to see impounded animals.  Even if they were to find this page, having no photos or difficult to find photos, means they have to rely on the Council's description of the animals breed/gender, which is quite often incorrect. 

-      Very difficult to find or search for

-      URL does not work via mobile, which is a platform used by most

-            Also it makes it very difficult for rescue groups such as the R.S.P.C.A, LPR and others to monitor impounded animals.  

-            There was no notification or consultation given of changes either to the general public or interested groups. 

-            Current website still exists and looks like only 1 animal is impounded so people would assume their animal is not in the pound. This would in turn cause many more animals to be euthanized. 

Previously the details for impounded animals were displayed at which was easily found via the URL, council website, or a simple search engine.

This website still exists but as of mid August 2018, it no longer shows a true account of impounded animals - however nothing to this effect is mentioned on the page.  In order to view impounded animals since the changes, one must now follow the below directions: 

From the Gladstone council website select 'Pets and Animals' from one of 15 menu items on the right side of the page, select 'rescued animals' and enter details into a search engine to arrive at a page with a poorly formatted, very basic listing of animals details.  

It is very important that this website be easy to find and user friendly considering animal lives are on the line and the added pressure this is adding to rescue groups in the region and animal owners searching for pets.

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