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I’d appreciate if everyone had some respect for the loss of a young mans life, Ali Mills. Paramedics did all they could and we are grateful for their efforts. 

Security? Can’t say the same.

Concerts are meant to be a safe place, where fans from all over the world can come together and enjoy something that has shaped all of our lives individually. 

The situation regarding Bring Me The Horizon at Alexandra Palace on the 30/11/2018 is one that needs to influence the future of gigs in large venues for the safety of every attending fan. 

Having witnessed first hand what happened in medical, and seeing the efforts of the 9 paramedics trying to save Ali’s life through automatic CPR, it was one that has scarred my mind and thoughts with nightmares to come. 

Worst part is this could have been prevented. Inside security company SES needs to be removed or under go re-training. Mid centre barriers to prevent surges and extra pit work security. 

Music saves lives. Don’t let it end them.